Scalloped Side Stripes Necklace


Combining richelieu lace with metal and playing with the see-throughness of the material.

We are committed to working with the local community, this piece was produced and assembled in Hungary.

  • This product is mostly hand made; nuances and unevenness are part of its distinct look. It should be worn and handled with care. The lace and sewing elements are delicate but strong. We recommend not washing your jewelry and avoid contact with water to preserve original colors.

    • Lace (polyester) and gros grain ribbon necklace with chains
    • Available in charcoal, ivory, terracotta and blue colors
    • Wrapped in LOKALWEAR’s custom packaging box featuring product inspiration story
    • Assembled and sewed by hand
    • Made in Hungary
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  • Seven chains measuring 35,5 cm, 31,5 cm, 28,5 cm, 27 cm, 25 cm, 21 cm, 17 cm

    Necklace length 100 cm

  • The Kalocsa embroidered lace – also called richelieu (after cardinal Richelieu), has a strong and rich tradition in Hungary. Originated in the southern town of Kalocsa, the richelieu lace was introduced to local craftswomen in the early 1900s, who adapted it with fervor and a traditional local folk flair. The Kalocsa embroidered lace remains popular in Hungary today. 

    With the aim of exposing local traditions and culture, LOKALWEAR has reinterpreted the original lace designs of folk art master designer Vera néni (aunt Vera), who lives and works in Homokmégy near Kalocsa, with a romantic flair to create a new contemporary jewelry line.

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