Birds in Love Chain


Wear this delicately handcrafted, lovely necklace to create a beautiful bohemian look.

We are committed to working with the local community, this piece was produced and assembled in Hungary.

  • This product is partially hand made nuances and unevenness are part of its distinct look. Polystyrene is strong and durable and should be treated like a ceramic, as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. It should be worn and handled with care.

    • Silver plated chain with coral, black, metallic green, metallic blue or ivory colour polystyrene birds and flower pendants.
    • Wrapped in LOKALWEAR’s custom packaging featuring product inspiration story
    • Assembled by hand
    • Made in Hungary
    Prices are retail prices. For wholesale, distributors and import prices please contact us at:
  • Measures approximately 45 cm length

  • The Matyó flowers are one of Hungary’s most distinctive folk art symbols. Originally from the Northeastern town of Mezőkövesd these beautiful flower patterns are believed to have developed in the 19th century by local women and are still used today as traditional embroidery motifs. 

    With the aim of exposing local traditions and culture, LOKALWEAR has developed a contemporary jewelry line, combining the traditional emblematic Matyó flower patterns reinterpreted in distinct up-to-date materials and colors.