About Us


A bit Brazilian, Hungarian, American a melting pot of cultural influences that lead to the LOKALWEAR brand.

LOKALWEAR is focused on developing, representing and marketing fashion and related products that have the unique combination of local design inspiration or craft technique reinterpreted in up to date cutting edge manner.

Our passion lies on uniting the excitement and diversity that comes with fashion and design while exposing and at times re-discovering cultural gems that surround us. We are committed to work closely with local communities ensuring product authenticity, fair production practices, and long-term sustainability through contributing to the development of the local artisan communities and aspiring artistic individuals.

Designers, makers and products all have a story behind them and we are here to portray it, so while you are buying an exciting new pair of earrings, t-shirt or object you are also getting connected to a culture, a place and its people.


Lokal Ltd is a Budapest, Hungary based company. 

We are a young brand continuously developing. We will be very happy to hear your comments, suggestions, ideas and complaints. Please visit out website www.lokalwear.net and join us on Facebook for up to date news and information. 

Lokal Ltd

Pozsonyi út 25. Budapest 1137, Hungary 

Tel: +36 1 787 4484                              

Email: info@lokalwear.net