Miracle Stag Collection

 MAKE A WISH and wear this necklace. When the necklace breaks off your wish will come true! Believe and enjoy it!

A symbol of new beginning, and a reference to the origin of the Magyar (and Hun) people, the Csodaszarvas is one of Hungary’s central mythological figures. According to the Csodaszarvas legend brothers Hunor and Magor, sons of the great hunter king Nimrod (Ménrót) set out to hunt and encountered the stag. Following the stag with the objective of hunting it down, the brothers made their way out of Central Asia, found two beautiful princesses whom they decided to marry, and founded the Magyar and Hun people. Csodaszarvas shows up again and again in Hungarian legend, always pointing the way to new beginnings.

With the aim of exposing local traditions and culture, LOKALWEAR has developed this contemporary good luck charm to be worn everyday and bring you good luck.